Statement by the Head of the Turkmenistan Delegation at the 68th session of the UN General Assembly (New York, 30 September 2013)

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Esteemed Mr. President,


Esteemed Heads of the Delegations,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


First of all, allow me to sincerely express our gratitude for the honour of addressing you from this highly respected podium.

Before I begin my statement, please, allow me to convey the words of greetings and best wishes for successful work of the 68th session of the UN General Assembly from His Excellency Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, President of Turkmenistan.

Permit me to congratulate Mr. John Ashe on his election as  President of the 68th session of the General Assembly and wish him success in fulfilling his forthcoming responsible work.

I would also like to ex press my appreciation to Mr. Vuk Jeremic, President of the 67th session for his able and effective work at this post.    


Mr. President,

Turkmenistan looks at the current session as an important stage in the process of consolidation of international community efforts aimed at supporting and strengthening universal peace, stability and security, adopting meaningful decisions in the sphere of sustainable development and countering emerging challenges and threats.  .

We believe that strict adherence to the principles and norms of the UN Charter is the main prerequisite for ensuring long-term peace and strategic stability. Proceeding from this assumption Turkmenistan steadily and resolutely follows a policy of peace, good-neighborly relations and active promotion of peace-building processes.

As a matter of principle we reject use of military force as a tool of foreign policy and international relations. Our country is convinced that today solutions based on the use of force are doomed to fail; they do not eliminate sources and causes of conflicts and do not create conditions for adequate responses to many issues emerging at the end of the active phase of military actions

Therefore Turkmenistan puts at the forefront of its policy resolution of any situations by peaceful, political and diplomatic  ways and means and considers them as the main legitimate resource available to the Community of Nations. This approach .is based on our common goal – establishment of a conflictless world.  . 

During the 66th session of the UN General Assembly Turkmenistan’s President launched an initiative aimed at the adoption of a UN Declaration on priority use of political and diplomatic ways and means for resolution of international issues. Today we see that elaboration of such a document has become a top priority. Therefore Turkmenistan reaffirms its firm desire to undertake a meaningful discussion of this initiative with all interested parties. We are convinced that adoption of such Declaration will contribute to the expansion and strengthening of the legal basis for the work of the General Assembly, Security Council and other UN entities dealing with the issues of peace, stability and security on a global scale.   

Complex processes unfolding in today’s world call for a responsible, thoughtful and also an effective and efficient approach from the United Nations. This is also directly linked to disarmament which is the most important problem of today.

By taking an active part in the multilateral dialogue on disarmament issues our state demonstrates by its practical actions its firm commitment to the compliance with the fundamental international norms regulating the disarmament process and the non-proliferation regime.

By following this course and taking into consideration the need for energizing the discussion and meaningful consideration of disarmament issues Turkmenistan proposes that a High-level international meeting should be held on disarmament issues. We are prepared to create all necessary conditions and provide appropriate infrastructure for holding this meeting in the capital of our country.  .


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Nowadays problems relating to the strengthening of peace and stability and ensuring stable development of different countries and nations are among the most important issued of world politics.  Their resolution depends primarily on the establishment and effective functioning of legal and organizational bases of international; cooperation in the political sphere.

In this context we consider it advisable that the 68th session should embark on the discussion of issues relating to further improvement of the forms of multilateral interaction that can serve as a political platform for finding mutually acceptable decisions on urgent issues of regional an international policy.

It should be noted that United Nations conducts purposeful work in this direction. For example, establishment of UN preventive diplomacy centers in different regions of the planet has become a highly effective form of joint work aimed at strengthening security? Preventing conflicts and eliminating their underlying causes.

It is well-known that the first among those centers – Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy in Central Asia based in Ashgabat began its operations in December 2007. 

In our view, UN experience in creating new mechanisms and institutions aimed at forming a system of international interaction both at the global and regional levels must and should be replicated by UN member states. Taking into account the need for enhancing effectiveness of inter-state contacts at the regional level Turkmenistan launched an initiative aimed at establishing a standing mechanism of political dialogue in Central Asia – a Forum of Peace and Cooperation. We believe that such a Forum will contribute to the elaboration of consensus-based approaches to the solution of the most important issues relating to the present and future development of Central Asia and its adjacent regions. In addition to this the Forum could become the basis for the establishment of a Consultative Council of the Heads of Central Asian States.

We are convinced that development of new formats of political interaction among the states of the region coupled with effective functioning of UN structures in the region will provide a reliable foundation and stability for the entire architecture of inter-state relations in Central Asia for many years to come. 


Mr. President,

Achievement of the goals of comprehensive and universal security to a large extent depends on ensuring security in the sphere of energy. Furthermore achievement of this goal is one of the most important components of stable world economy, its protection against distortions and disruptions. In this connection development of an international mechanism envisaging a set of guarantees in the sphere of global energy supplies is a task of paramount global importance. Moreover it is necessary to underscore the importance of joint work and coordinated efforts of all UN member states with a view to developing and adopting consolidated approaches to the solution of energy security issues.

Establishment of a new universal international law tool kit of the United Nations is a key element of this process, which in our view should consist of the following three major elements:

- a multilateral UN document forming the legal basis for relations emerging in the sphere of international supplies of energy resource;

- a corresponding structure of the United Nations that will enforce implementation of the provisions of the above-mentioned document; and

- an international data base designed for the collection and analysis of data on the implementation of international obligations assumed by the state members.

It is common knowledge that on 17 May 2013 the General Assembly adopted by consensus a resolution proposed at the initiative of Turkmenistan’s President on “Reliable and stable transit of energy resources and its role in ensuring sustainable development and international cooperation”. Importance of this adopted document primarily consists in that it forms the basis for global partnership in the energy sphere that takes into account the interests of states that are producers, transit states and consumers of energy resources.


By observing the letter and the spirit of the resolution our country proposes to UN member states to undertake during the current session the establishment of an international grouip of experts for the development of a new mechanism in the sphere of energy security. To this end the Government of Turkmenistan proposes to convene in 2014 an International Meeting of Experts devoted to this topic.

We are ready to engage in the closest cooperation with all states members of the Community of Nations and UN Secretariat with a view to organizing and holding this forum.  


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Nowadays solution of the issues of security and sustainable development depends to a large extent on the level of international cooperation in such an important sphere as transport and communications. 

Geo-economic potential of new transport and transit routes in the world plays an enormous role. They involve vast spaces, huge human resources and attract considerable investments. All this creates opportunities to transform the transport segment into one of the most important factors of sustainable development.   

Turkmenistan is convinced that transport architecture of the 21st century is the architecture for an integration breakthrough, joint efforts of regions, and combination of resources and industrial and human potentials.  It is our firm conviction that future belongs to this combined system of transport communication involving major international and regional maritime, road, railroad and air hubs, their optimal combination and use of each of their individual advantages.

Practical implementation of this idea became the subject of a high-level event “Mobility and interconnectivity as the main drivers of the Development Programme for the post-2015 period” that was held here in New York on September 26 this year. It was organized by the Government of Turkmenistan and the International Union of Road Transport. The theme of the event was focused on the search for effective solutions relating to the establishment of modern, diversified and safe transport infrastructure in the world.  

We consider that it is necessary to continue multilateral dialogue on transport issues that was initiated during the 68th session of the General Assembly. In this connection Turkmenistan would like to table a proposal on holding next year in Ashgabat an International Conference dedicated to the role of transport and transit corridors in ensuring international cooperation, stability and sustainable development.


Dear Participants,

With regard to the achievement of sustainable development goals we believe that the main attention should be focused on the combination of objective economic interests of the states and the need for maintaining an appropriate level of ecological balance and preventing harm to the environment. This, in turn, implies use of cutting edge environmental technologies and development of innovative solutions for preservation of nature. High environmental component of global economic space becomes therefore a synonym of its effectiveness.

We highly value the efforts undertaken by the UN Secretary General as well as successive actions of the international community displayed at the Climate Change Summits in Copenhagen and Cancun, during the 17th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Durban, which have eventually created the basis for the elaboration of comprehensive decisions at the Rio+20 Summit.


We look forward to the continuation of a constructive international dialogue on this topic during the 68th session.   We are convinced that it is necessary to combine our efforts in this area at the international, regional and national levels and effectively coordinate efforts of the states with those of the United Nations.

Taking into account the numerous aspects of the climate change issue Turkmenistan declares at the current session of the UN General Assembly that it stands ready to make its contribution to the strengthening of the role of multilateral international mechanisms aimed at preventing negative consequences resulting from global climate changes.

In particular, we refer to the need for enhancing the implementation of the UN Convention on combatting desertification. In this connection we are prepared to host in Turkmenistan the Conference of States Parties to this Convention in 2014.

Furthermore, our country would like to launch an initiative aimed at the establishment of a specialized entity – a Subregional Center on Technologies relating to the climate change in Central Asia and Caspian Sea basin. We believe that this entity would help countries of our regions to substantially strengthen their interaction in the sphere of environmental security and will contribute to the effective coordination of interregional efforts in this sphere.


Mr. President,

The tasks confronting the Community of Nations in the sphere of security and sustainable development cannot be resolved unless we find a solution to the humanitarian issues at the international level.

In particular, we refer to such a serious global problem as the fate of refugees and stateless persons. Being a permanent member of the Executive Committee of the Programme of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Turkmenistan has accumulated positive experience in solving problems of persons who were forced to leave their home countries. Jointly with the UN OHCR we propose that all interested parties be familiarized with Turkmenistan’s practical work in granting citizenship to refugees and stateless persons.

In this connection it would be advisable to work jointly with UN humanitarian agencies and develop an appropriate social programme.  Moreover, taking into account the outcomes of the international conference “Refugees in the Moslem World” held in Ashgabat in May 2012 we consider that it is necessary to develop on the basis of generally recognized norms of international law long-term solutions on this issue. With a view to discussing those issues we are ready to host in Turkmenistan in 2014 a high-level event in cooperation with the UN OHCR.


Mr. President,

Esteemed heads and members of the delegations,

Today, when we actively discuss the role and place of the United Nations in the system of international relations Turkmenistan declares that constructive and omnilateral cooperation with the United Nations is the top priority of foreign policy strategy of our country.

In this connection we believe that it is precisely the United Nations that is the main and universal international organization which adopts decisions concerning the most important issues of global development and comprehensive peace and security. Since its inception the United Nations has demonstrated that it is the foundation of the entire system of international stability acting as a just mechanism for the resolution of the most complex international problems.

Similarly, we share the opinion of the Organization itself that today the issue of providing it with a fresh impetus in the rapidly changing realities of the modern world is becoming increasingly relevant.

Therefore Turkmenistan stands for the strengthening and expanding the role of the United Nations in the world.

We are firmly convinced that the international law and the United Nations Charter based on the principles of peace, respect of nations, respect of their rights and sovereignty must remain the foundation of the world order in the 21st century.

Thank you for your attention.